Welcome To VET Trust

VET Trust is a non-profit making, charitable organisation. It is run by a board of directors with the objective of providing, promoting, encouraging, and advancing the continuing education of those involved in alleviating the suffering of animals and who are engaged in or associated with the practice of the art and science of veterinary medicine and surgery. Most of VET Trust’s activities are based primarily but not exclusively in Scotland.

What Do We Do?

CPD Awards
Once yearly the board of directors assign monetary awards to individual veterinary surgeons who are seeking assistance in achieving specific CPD. One area of target in this context is veterinary surgeons returning to work after illness or pregnancy.
Annual Conference
VET Trust holds a two day conference in Stirling every summer covering small animal, production animal, and equine topics of interest to the general veterinary practitioner.
Supporting Courses
VET Trust actively promotes local groups and practice meetings, especially minority interests and non-commercial meetings.