Award Guidelines

VET Trust is a charitable, non-profit-making organisation run by veterinary professionals with  the object of promoting, advancing and encouraging CPD. This year VET Trust is giving VET Trust CPD Awards to those who are engaged in, or associated with, the practice of the  art and science of veterinary medicine and surgery to increase the amount of CPD they  undertake and improve the quality of their CPD. 

  • The VET Trust CPD Awards are open to any UK registered veterinary surgeon,  qualified veterinary nurse, or group of veterinary surgeons.
  • The awards are particularly aimed at those in remote/single handed practice, those  returning to practice following illness or career breaks, and those vets in internship  posts.

Applicants are required to provide a description of the proposed CPD including :-

  • A statement of aims and objectives
  • A detailed outline budget with an estimate or an account of the costs
  • A clear sense of the outcome of the CPD for which support is sought
  • The relevance of the CPD to their professional needs
  • Successful applicants will be required to produce a brief report on the CPD  experienced which may be used as publicity by VET Trust. The report should  emphasise the clinical aspects of the CPD and the benefits gained to the  applicant/practice rather than a travel-log reflection. 
  • Grants may be offered for travel assistance, registration fees, locum fees, or other  specific requests. 
  • Full or partial funding may be awarded at the discretion of the directors. 75% of  award paid on confirmation and 25% on report submission(12 month expiry).
  • Award applications shall be circulated to the directors for consideration.
  • Closing date for application is 31st January 2024. 
  • Applicants will be advised of allocations in March.
  • Late applications will not be considered.

CLICK HERE to download the application form.