CPD Awards

Each year VET Trust allocates a sum of money as VET Trust CPD Awards to veterinary surgeons, qualified veterinary nurses, veterinary practices, and groups of veterinary surgeons to increase the amount of CPD they undertake and improve the quality of their CPD.

Previous recipients include junior academics living on grants, veterinary surgeons returning to practice following a career break, and veterinary surgeons who could not get the level of CPD they required in the UK. Grants allowed the recipients to stay longer on overseas visits and thereby increase the value of their visits by, for example, visiting other institutions or specialists. Applicants in areas remote from the main sources of CPD are considered favourably.

Practices remote from the main centres of specialisation have found that a visiting tutor lecturing and demonstrating topics of specific interest can offer very good CPD value. The same applies to groups of practices. In both cases a VET Trust Award can underwrite some of the expenses of this targeted CPD.

While the Trust wants to increase the amount of CPD undertaken, it is more important that the studies are  high quality and relevant to recipients’ needs and interests. Quality and relevance will be considered when assessing applications for a VET Trust Award.

For further information about applying for an award, please see  the Award Guidelines or contact us at admin@vettrust.co.uk.