2013 Conference

The 2013 conference took place at Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling on the 11th and 12th June.

Below are details of the talks given by the guest speakers. Click on the ‘+’ sign beside each title for a more detailed description.

Small Animal Programme, 11th & 12th June

Plenary Lecture – Animal Welfare Issues by David Grant
An update on separation problems by Pippa Hutchison
The relationship – human animal bond by Pippa Hutchison
Diagnosing hyperadrenocorticism by Yvonne McGrotty
Getting the most out of your histopathology report by Jenny Helm
Cytology in practice by Ronnie Barron
“I don’t have a referral hospital near me!” – Approach to the acute abdomen by Liz Welsh
Chelonians by Alistair Lawrie
Small furries/pocket pets by Alistair Lawrie
Update on the management of feline hyperthyroidism by Nicki Reed


Production Animal Programme, 11th June

Plenary Lecture – Animal Welfare Issues by David Grant
Diagnosing and treating neurological disease in cattle and sheep by Phil Scott
Poultry for the general practitioner by Jan Dixon
Abdominal surgery in cattle by Karin Mueller
An update on Bleeding Calf Syndrome by Lottie Bell
Digit amputation: getting it right for a productive future by Sara Pedersen


Vet Nurse CPD Programme, 11th June

Plenary Lecture – Animal Welfare Issues by David Grant
The nurse’s role in managing acute wounds by Liz Welsh
Making the most of your microscope by Ronnie Barron
Absolutely anything but rabbits by Alistair Lawrie
Behaviour and welfare of rabbits (and other small prey species) by Pippa Hutchison
Anaemia uncovered by Yvonne NcGrotty


Equine Programme, 12th June

Practical AI for the General Practitioner by Jonathan Pycock
An Update on Equine Joint Disease and Current Therapies by Sarah Boys Smith
The Use of Ultrasonography and the Importance of Comparative Imaging in the Equine Athlete by Sarah Boys Smith
The recumbent horse by David Sutton