2016 Conference

The 2016 conference was held at Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling on the 7th and 8th June.

Companion Animal Programme, 7th & 8th June

Emerging Vector-borne disease threats in the UK by Catriona Curtis
Feline dermatology by Peter Forsythe
Proteinuria – what does it mean and should I be worried? by Alix McBrearty
Common diseases of the uncommon species by Madonna Livingstone
Case-based challenges in anaesthesia by Andy Bell
Practical tips for abdominal surgery by Sam Woods
Common eye conditions and an update on therapy by Neil Geddes
A basic approach to analgesia by Patrick Burns
Case-based abdominal imaging – x-rays versus ultrasound – which is better when? by Jennifer Kinns


Production Animal Programme, 8th June

OPA – a novel approach to control in a large hill flock by Ian Gill
M bovis and its role in calf respiratory disease by Tim Potter
‘Reasons for failure of effective BRD control in beef and dairy calves by Colin Penny
Field post-mortem examinations in sheep and calves by Helen Carty & Beth Newman
Novel and emerging causes of bovine respiratory disease by Fiona Howie
Respiratory disease in adult dairy cows – an emerging syndrome? by Colin Mason


Equine Programme, 7th June

Field Anaesthesia by Kate Thompson
Standing Chemical Restraint – with an update on local anaesthetic techniques by Kate Thompson
Equine Behaviour: keeping you and your clients safe by Gemma Pearson
Angular and flexural limb deformities: vet perspective by Tim Greet
Angular and flexural limb deformities: farrier perspective by Simon Curtis
Case based discussions by Simon Curtis & Tim Greet


Vet Nurse CPD Programme, 7th June

Reptiles, birds & pocket pets by Madonna Livingstone
The ins and outs of chemotherapy in practice by Fiona McDowall
Feline Friendly Practice by Stephanie Lalor
A Review and Update of Endo and Ecto Parasites by Joy Howell
Case-based challenges in anaesthesia by Andy Bell