2014 Conference

The 2014 conference took place at Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling on the 10th and 11th June.

Below are details of the talks given by the guest speakers. Click on the ‘+’ sign beside each title for a more detailed description.

Companion Animal Programme, 10th & 11th June

Getting the best out of your X ray machine by Elizabeth Munro
Radiographic interpretation of common joint diseases in dogs by Nacho Calvo
How to manage joint disease in practice by Nacho Calvo
Medical management of osteoarthritis pain – looking beyond NSAIDs by Fergus Coutts
More than 50 shades of grey – interpreting thoracic radiographs by Yolanda Martinez
Anaesthetic mortality in animals: can we reduce it? by Derek Flaherty
Medicine – a discussion of challenging cases by Clare Knottenbelt & Gerard McLauchlan
Practical approach to rabbit and guinea pig medicine by Livia Benato
Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis by Tim Nuttall


Equine Programme, 10th June

Problems in the post-foaling period by Celia Marr
Diseases of Weanlings by Celia Marr
Donkeys are different – in health by Anna Harrison
Donkeys are different – in sickness by Anna Harrison
Case selection for interspinous ligament surgery by Graham Hunter
Case based discussion on approach to back pain by Richard Payne and Graham Hunter


Vet Nurse CPD Programme, 10th June

Life through a lens – making sense of cytology by Yvonne McGrotty
The VN’s role in the management of acute and osteoarthritis pain by Fergus Coutts
Anaesthesia monitoring – getting the most from your equipment by Mike Brampton
Successful nurse clinics – why, what and how! by Donna Gaylor
Rabbits & guinea pigs – post-operative management & assisted feeding by Livia Benato
CPR – what to do when it all goes wrong! by Derek Flaherty